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"EE" Instructional League:

Although competition is part of any sporting event, winning is not the reason for making these leagues available to our young athletes. Please encourage your parents and team to support  all players on the court.  Both teams are being challenged; thus making achievements and proud moments possible for everyone.  Teach them to cheer accomplishments of the players on both sides, as there is nothing to be gained by cheering when an opposing player misses a shot or gets a foul called on them. Al teams will incorporate the equal playing time rule; every player gets an equal

share of the time available in a game  High School Rules will be used, except where noted below.



Practices are more important than games at this instructional level.  Recommend that at least one practice and one game per week would be best for these younger players.  The season for "EE" will run through the time allotted for Championship games at the higher levels.




1.   20 minute halves, running clock. Stop the clock during time-outs and substitutions.

2.   1 minute half-time for the "EE" level.

3.   15 minute pre-game warm-up or until scheduled game time.

4.   Time-outs are 2 minutes long.

5.   Each team is allotted two time-outs per half, not cumulative.

6.   The teams must make substitutions when called for by the referee at the 5, 10, and 15 minute marks in the game.

7.   Match-ups at half-court are required on each substitution.

8.   Since there is no shot clock and no full court pressing allowed, there is a 10 second time limit to get the ball over the half-court line.



"EE" level does not keep score.




1.   Game ball for the "EE" team will be a leather or composite leather ball, 27.5”.  Home team will furnish the game ball.

2.   Basketball shorts and a numbered jersey shall be worn by all players.

3.   Jerseys must be tucked in at all times.

4.     Baskets should be lowered to 8 feet if possible.


1.   All players must play as equal amount of time as possible.

2.   A substitution at the 5, 10, and 15 minute marks will consist of all players on the court being replaced by as many available players on the bench as possible.

3.   Although substitutions could happen during any possession where play has stopped, substitutions must be made at the 5, 10, and 15 minutes marks in each half.


1.   No foul shots will be allowed for the "EE" teams.

2.   On non-shooting fouls, the all is just taken out of bounds.

3.   On shooting fouls where the basket is made, no free throws are awarded.  The other team takes the ball out of bounds under the basket.

4.   Technical fouls:  The other team takes it out of bounds under the basket.  5. Foul outs: A player must be removed from the game when they commit their 5th personal foul.


1.   Coaches can teach and play any defense that proves beneficial to the kids.

2.   Recommended conduct for the defense after a basket is scored, is or the defensive team to hustle back to defend, taking positions below the top of the key.  Players must lock-up with their assigned offensive player.  By starting the defense below the top of the key, it allows the offense a chance to learn offensive floor spacing and the opportunity to run their set offense.

3.   No back court checking.

4.   On a dead ball or basket, all defensive players must stay below the top of the key until the first pass is made.

5.   No trapping is allowed.

6.   No double or triple teaming is allowed outside of the key. In the event of a double/triple team outside of the key, the whistle will be blown and the ball will be reset at half court.




1.   On a dead ball or basket, the offense must make 1 pass before the defense can move beyond the top of the key.

2.     No free throws are allowed.

3.   After every turnover the defensive team will return to the basket they defend and set their defense. The offensive team will receive the ball at half court and the ball will be placed into play.




*If there are any problems with coaches or referees, contact your clubs Basketball Coordinator who will then contact the 2nd Vice President.

1.     A player or coach is ejected on the second technical foul assessed to them during the game.

2.     An ejected player or coach is suspended for the remainder of that day's game and the next scheduled game.

3.     A player or coach ejected a second time is suspended for the remainder of the season.

4.     Any person ejected by the referee is ejected from the gym, school and school property for the duration of the ejection and any subsequent suspension.

5.     The coach is responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators.




1.   No jewelry, bracelets, hard hair barrettes or clips, earrings, necklaces, medallions, etc. are allowed on the court.  All jewelry must be removed before the player may play in the game.

2.   Fingernails must be clipped and rounded.  3. Shirttails must be tucked in at all times. (National High School Rule).


1.   Each home team must provide one person to be assigned as an official time keeper.  Home team will provide an official score table to keep the game clock and player fouls.  If no game clock,

have a volunteer keep the time with a wrist watch or use the gym clock.

2.   If no paid referees, each team should provide a referee.  Have referees meet with the head coaches prior to the start of the game and discuss the game rules.

3.   If need be coaches can officiate a game.  A coach or assistant coach officiating their game due to lack of volunteer or paid officials may not coach their team while the ball is in play.  A time-out must be called for the coach to confer with his or her players.



We can minimize the impact on the school facilities and the cost to use these facilities by observing the following gym rules.

1.   Help set-up chairs and scoring tables for the first game and please assist in putting chairs and tables away at the end of the day's final game.

2.   If you move PE equipment, please put it back in the same place you moved it from.

3.   If lowering the baskets, put them back to their regular height.

4.   Each team should take a towel for cleaning up water bottle spills near the bench area before the next team arrives.

5.   When the game is over, please collect your gear and move to a corner away from the benches for your post game discussion.  It is very important for each game to start at its planned time.  This

will benefit all the families involved, the officials scheduled for multiple games, and facility management.

6.   DO NOT allow your parents, players, children, or friends to wander through the schools.  Our league is authorized to use the gym and adjacent restrooms ONLY.  Misuse of these facilities could result in their loss to this league and possibly future leagues.  Parents need to supervise their children at all times.


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