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All rules are in accordance with the NATIONAL FEDERATION OFFICIAL FOOTBALL RULES of the current year, with the following exceptions and addendum:




1-2-1:  Field Measurements: Minimum field dimensions are 70 yards between goal lines and 45 yards in width, 80 or 90 yard fields are allowed with 45 to 59 yard widths, 5 or 10 yard end zones are allowed. Fields must be uniform and equal, i.e., end zones and hash marks. Inbound lines (hash marks) are mandatory and should divide the field into thirds. It is highly recommended that the field have lines every 5 yards.


1-2-1 e:  Team box for fields 80 yards or less shall be from the 20 yard line to the 20 yard line.


1-2-5:  Minimum goal post dimensions are 8 feet to the top of the crossbar from the ground, 18 ½ feet between posts. The post must be a minimum of 4 feet above the crossbar.


1-3-1 a, b, c, d, and g: Each team may supply the ball they wish to use to snap or free kick. The referee must approve all game balls. The ball to be used is:

a.    A Level: Under Armour 395 Gripskin Youth Size, or equivalent size. b.   B Level: Under Armour 395 Gripskin Junior Size or equivalent size. c.    C Level: Under Armour 395 Gripskin Pee Wee, or equivalent size.


1-5-1:  Equipment: Athletic supporter is mandatory.



1-5-1 d: Jersey numerals must be at least 4” high and of relative bar width in front and back.


1-5-3( c )5: Use of exterior arm covers/pads manufactured to enhance contact with the football or opponent shall be legal.


2-5-1 g:  Cleats – Refer to current NFHS rule.

3-14-2: A scrimmage kick formation is one in which no player is in position to receive a hand-to-hand

snap from between the snapper’s legs, and at the snap, either.

a.    A player is in position with a knee on the ground 4 yards or more behind the line of scrimmage, in position to be the holder of a place kick.

b.   A player is 7 yards or more behind the line of scrimmage and is in position to receive a long



2-33, 3-6-1 & 3-6-2:  Ready-For-Play (C Level Only), 25 seconds will be allowed to put the ball in play.



3-1-1:  Timing, Table of Clock Times and Clock Operation:

a.    Timing

i.      A, B, and C Levels are 32 minutes. b.   Table of Clock Times

i.      A, B, and C Levels are 8-minute quarters with a 10-minute half time.

c.    Clock Operation

i.      When present, league provided officials are in charge of the clock.

ii.      When league provided officials are not available, the home team will provide a person on the sidelines to run the clock. It is suggested that the visiting team provide a monitor to observe proper clock operation.


3-5-10 b:  Rules for handling player(s) with possible concussion.

a.    The referee and the official who determined the player exhibited the concussion symptom(s) will tell the head coach the player is removed from the game for exhibiting symptoms of a concussion.

b.   The player may only return to the game (same game, that day) with written authorization

(letterhead is required, if the health care providers letterhead is not on the note/letter it is not acceptable) from the following health care providers:

i.   Medical Doctor (MD).

ii.   Doctor of Osteopathy (DO).

iii.   Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). iv.   Physician’s Assistant (PA).

v.   Licensed Certified Athletic Trainer (AT/L).

c.     The referee will retain the written authorization. No other person may authorize the player’s return. This includes the player’s parents, guardians, family members or coaching staff.


6-1-1:  Free Kick Lines- unless moved by penalty, the following free kick rules apply:

a.    90 YARD FIELD: kickoff from 35 yard line. b.   80 YARD FIELD: kickoff from 30 yard line. c.    70 YARD FIELD: kickoff from 25 yard line.


6-1-8 b:  Free Kick Out-of-bounds-80 and 70 yard fields, accept the penalty by putting the ball in play at the inbounds spot 20 yards beyond the previous spot.


8-1 & 8-3-3 Successful try for points:

a.    Kick: 2 points.

b.   Run or Pass: 1 point.


1.   C LEVEL COACHES:  One coach from each team may enter the field and huddle with their team when

the whistle has been blown to end the down or to stop play. When the offensive team leaves the huddle, both coaches must immediately leave the field and be in their team box by the time the offensive line is set. Penalty - Delay of game – 5 yards.



a.   When a team intends to kick from scrimmage, the offensive team, coach or player, must inform the referee of this intention before the ready-for-play whistle is sounded, who shall

then inform the opposing team. If a time out is taken either after notifying the referee of its intention to kick or if no notification has been given, the team must announce its intention to kick after the time out and prior to the ready-for-play whistle. Penalty – Delay of game – 5 yards.

b.   Receiving team shall have 7 and only 7 players within 5 yards of the neutral zone. Penalty –

Illegal Formation – 5 yards.

c.     After the ball is snapped neither team shall cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.

Penalty – Encroachment – 5 yards.

d.   Failure to kick the ball within 5 seconds will result in a Delay of Game penalty – 5 yards. The kicking team will be given a second chance to kick the ball, regardless of the down. Failure to kick the ball within 5 seconds will result in turning the ball over on downs to the opponent at the previous spot to be put in play by a snap. There will be no second try to kick on an extra point try if the kicking team fails to kick the ball within 5 seconds.



3.   70 and 80 YARD FIELDS: After a touchback, the ball is placed on the 15 yard line. All 15 yard penalties are reduced to 10 yard penalties.


4.   If there is a spread of more than 30 points after scoring, the team behind shall have the option of kicking or receiving.


5.   A restraining line shall be placed on both sides of the field (10 feet from the sidelines) restricting access of the spectators to the field and end zones (this will not preclude spectators from crossing the field in the back of the end zones where that is the only method across the field. When this is the case, spectators must cross as quick as possible and with no disruption to the play on the field.)


6.   Parking spots will be reserved for all officials. A minimum of 3 (1 crew) or 6 (2 crews) parking spots are required.


7.   Each Club is required to submit a map of their game field location to KPAPWA 2nd Vice-President, who will forward all maps to the officials. Maps are to be submitted by the KPAPWA Football information deadline established prior to the start of the season.


8.  The Game Day duties (see attached guidelines) must be strictly adhered to, with game managers appointed from both teams.


9.   The home team is responsible for officials. In the absence of regular officials, it is a suggestion that the home team supply two officials and the visiting team supply two officials.


10. The Chain Crew will preferably be manned by an ADULT crew. The Chain Crew will be advised that instructing the teams and/or coaching while a member of the Chain Crew will not be permitted.


11. All players present and in uniform must play.


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